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Twelve Step Support Cards, for Drugs & Alcohol Addictions & or Therapeutic Support Cards, for our Life Challenges Addictions

We sell Therapeutic Cards relating to DRUGS & ALCOHOL or LIFE CHALLENGING Cards, for all Addiction(s).  Each individual Card, features Bible Scriptures, that relates to each Individual Step & or Life Challenges Addictions.  BELOW, YOU CAN SEE A DESCRIPTION OF THE CARDS WE SELL. 

We Provide Therapeutic Cards That Will Assist With Making A Positive Impact & Difference, In Our Loved Ones Lives

My Sobriety Cards, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, offers Therapeutic Cards that will help Change the lives of our loved ones who have all kinds of Addiction(s), such as Drugs & Alcohol, Smoking, Bullying, Social Web-Sites, Anger, Peer Pressure, etc., just to name a few.  Our Therapeutic Cards will serve as a Wake-Up call to address all sorts of Addiction(s), and assist our loved ones by helping Him or Her to Acknowledge and Accept that they do have an Addiction(s), and that He or She needs to "Get Help Now and not Later".  Our loved ones can get the help that they need RIGHT NOW, to stop there Addiction(s), before there Addiction(s) KILL him, or her or DESTROY their Lives, and or Destroy the lives of their Families, Loved ones, or their Friends.  You can read a description of the different Therapeutic Cards below, that we offer to Support our Love Ones, ON THEIR ROAD TO GOD'S RECOVERY Process.  Also, you can view and order your cards from our GALLERY PAGE and you can even mix and match your cards to suit your needs.  



Step-1- You Are Powerless & My Powerlessness

Step-2- My Restored Sanity & You Need Divine Help

Step-3- My Made Decision,  Step-4- My Moral Inventory

Step-5- My Wrongdoings,  Step-6- My Defects of Character

Step-7- My Shortcomings,  Step-8- My Amends List

Step-9- My Made Direct Amends,  Step-10- My Personal Inventory

Step-11- My Prayer & Meditation,  Step-12- My Spiritual Awakening

You Are On The Right Path,  An Addict Is A Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl,  God's Speaker,  Faithful Servant,  Sponsor,  Sponsee,  Chairperson,  Thank You,  My Child Now Is Your Time,  Prayer Is A Powerful Weapon My Child,  Are You A Bully,  Take Off Satan's Mask,  Domestic Violence,  24 Hours Of My Sobriety,  # Of Days Clean,  30 Day Sobriety,  60 Days Of My Sobriety,  6 Months Clean,  9 Months Clean, & One Year Anniversary, Just To Name A Few   

I AM YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER AND I Will Guide YOU Towards the Help That YOU Truly Need, And That YOU Truly Want Now, IF YOU Would ONLY ALLOW ME TOO HELP YOU, My Child.

Every Therapeutic Card has Resources printed on the back, to help OUR loved ones get the Professional Treatment, that is needed now, for his or her Addiction(s). We have included Websites, URLs, and Contact Numbers for N/A (Narcotics Anonymous, A/A Alcoholics Anonymous, and Community Behavioral Health, to assist OUR Loved Ones on their Recovery Road, with our LORD Jesus Crist.  If the recipient of the card does not have Insurance, there is also a contact number that they can call for help.

I strongly recommend that if OUR Loved Ones need to go into an IN-PATIENT TREATMENT PROGRAM FOR HELP, My Prayer for him or her is that "THEY DON'T ALLOW THEIR "EGO" OR THEIR "PRIDE" TO STOP HIM OR HER FROM DOING SO.  Why?  Because tomorrow is not promised to know one, but our LORD God.  Please do the right thing, "NOW" for Yourself and for Your Love Ones.  YOU CAN DO THIS, MY BROTHER'S AND SISTER'S, BUT ONLY WITH OUR LORD GOD' S HELP AND WITH OUR LORD GOD'S GUIADANCE..  God Loves You!  What is Recovery?  Recovery is, you, me, and all of us, allowing out LORD Jesus Christ to clean us all up, INTERNALLY, from within, and EXTERNALLY, from without.  What is Sobriety?  Sobriety is, you, me, and all of us, Surrendering our clean life from our LORD God, to our LORD God, only.  Nothing in OUR Life will be Impossible for any of us to do, as long as our LORD Jesus Christ is and always will be OUR Pilot, and we are our LORD Jesus Christ' co-pilot, students.  God bless!

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